The Orion Technology

Orion’s innovative patented and patent-pending technologies extract hydrocarbons from underutilized gas streams, creating stable liquids that may be blended into the oil stream. High extraction yields combined with knowledge-based blending creates superior economics for oil producers over competing technologies.


Maximizing the Market Value of Extracted Liquids

  • Orion is able to blend extracted C4+ liquids into oil streams, increasing production yields and generating substantial additional margin over NGL sales.
  • Orion’s seasoned engineering team conducts numerous tests on the existing crude stream to insure compatibility for safe blending of C4+ liquids within pipeline and/or trucking specifications.
  • Where crude has high RVP, Orion’s patented technology simultaneously stabilizes both oil and C4+ liquids, increasing production while controlling RVP checkpoints.

Orion NGL Extraction

  • Orion employs a unique fractionation technology which can be applied to multiple gas streams, including +90% CO2, associated gas, or wet stranded gas.
  • Capable of processing gas streams with a wide range of inlet pressures, including atmospheric.
  • Using highly controlled temperature and pressure stages, Orion’s patented technology allows producers to “dial in” cut points while achieving +98% liquids recovery.

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