Orion is a growth oriented technology and operating company, focused on the reduction of flare gas in remote or frontier fields. Orion’s commercial and innovative concepts allow the monetization of gas streams that were typically perceived as uneconomical, while Producers focus their core efforts on oil production. Our technologies were developed by Pilot Energy Solutions and together with Orion, will continue to provide solutions around under utilized gas streams.

Orion Gas Processors

“Orion” is a gas processing technology company with developed, proprietary products for NGL extraction and crude blending. These products provide for separation into on-spec product streams, including LPG, propane and condensate. Plant capacities can be customized to fit the Producers need.

Unique Solutions Provider

Offering a full suite of gas processing technologies to address a range of flow rates and compositions. Through proprietary and knowledge based crude blending, Orion can also address RVP constraints, maximizing the liquids blending potential. The primary areas of focus are associated gas (flare gas), stranded (wet) gas, and CO2 EOR recycle streams.

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